NSC in Action

NEWHAM SUPER CHOIR have appeared in many concerts. Some have been recorded or filmed. On this page are some of those recordings or films.

NEWHAM SUPER CHOIR 2014 at Durning Hall, E7

Then later in the same year the choir joined forces with St. Francis’ RC Primary School and performed a nautically themed summer concert at Community Links.  Bernie filmed that too.  

BESIDETHE SEASIDE. Community Links 2014

One of the songs most associated with the London Borough of Newham is ‘I’M FOR EVER BLOWING BUBBLES.

Newham Super Choir performing I’M FOREVER BLOWING BUBBLES in concert.

NEWHAM HERITAGE MONTH 2020 Making Newham My Home. Newham Super Choir had a film made about members experience of living in Newham and the type of music they listened to.

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